There is a general misconception that anti-ageing treatments perpetuate negative ideas about ageing or interfere with what is a natural process.  However, that is not the case.  Non-invasive anti-ageing treatments such skin needling or peels, aim to prevent accelerated or premature ageing. Accelerated ageing occurs due to our modern lifestyle which include poor diet, lack of exercise, exposure to high levels of pollution, high stress, alcohol, smoking and extreme levels of ultra-violet (UV) radiation.  Combined, these factors have a large impact on our skin ageing.  Ninety percent of skin ageing is caused by sun exposure with Australia having one of the highest UV levels in the world, reaching extreme levels during the summer months. Australian women as a result age faster than their European counterparts. I will discuss the specific effects of UV on the skin in the next article.  

So why does it matter if our skin ages prematurely?  As the largest organ within our body, the skin offers us protection against internal and external insults.  Impairment of its function leads to increased susceptibility to these insults.  As the skin ages, there is a decrease in immune function, cell turnover, vascular network and an increase in dehydration.  As a result, the skin is more prone to infections and irritations, its ability to repair itself after an injury is reduced and nutrient exchange is hindered.  In terms of appearance, the skin will look rough and dull.  Non-invasive treatments reverse some of these effects. They increase vascularisation and increase cell turn over.  So not only do they improve your skin health, they help it look great too.